Tahitian Pearl Classic 9mm Pendant Box Chain Necklace
Tahitian Pearl Classic 9mm Pendant Box Chain Necklace
Tahitian Pearl Classic 9mm Pendant Box Chain Necklace

Tahitian Pearl Classic 9mm Pendant Box Chain Necklace

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The Pearl Collection:  
Tahitian Pearl Classic 9mm Pendant Necklace

Classically beautiful!  There's nothing like the simplicity of a Tahitian Pearl Pendant to showcase its natural beauty.

Each pearl distinctively refracts + reflects light, displaying its own veritable colors. 

  • 8-9mm AA Tahitian Pearl on 14K gold-filled bail
  • 17.7" 14K gold-filled, 3mm + 2mm box chain link necklace
  • You will receive the exact item pictured

All Tahitian pearls are absolutely beautiful.  Find the pearl that speaks to you.

(Tahitian pearls are created by nature and therefore each pearl is unique in size, texture, color and shape)



    About Tahitian Pearls

    Tahitian Pearls are naturally black or charcoal grey saltwater pearls from the tropical islands of French Polynesia. They are named Tahitian pearls because they are exported from the island of Tahiti, and the Tahitian Ministry of Pearliculture sets the quality standards for all pearls leaving the islands. They are not actually cultivated on the island of Tahiti - they are farmed throughout the island chain's various atolls and lagoons.  

    Culturing Tahitian pearls takes an average time of 2 years, which includes the host oyster to layer the bead nucleus with nacre and does not include extensive human labor to take the pearl from oyster to sale. The Ministere de la Perliculture of Tahiti enforces strict quality guidelines on all pearls leaving the islands, including a minimum nacre thickness of 0.8mm around the bead nucleus, otherwise the pearl is destroyed and the nuclei recycled.

    The pearls are bared from the saltwater pearl oyster named Pinctada margaritifera or Bearer of Pearls in Latin, which is known for producing sizes from 8 to 16 mm in diameter and a wide range of body base colors from light to dark grey and black. The gorgeous overtones include peacock (a mix of green hues), gold, rose, silver, greys, blues and greens.  More well renown overtones include aubergine (eggplant purple), bronze, pistachio green, chocolate and gold.

    Tahitian pearls come in a variety of shapes - from smooth, symmetrical tear-drops, to perfect rounds to heavily circled baroques, and highly asymmetrical free-form shapes.
    Round Tahitian pearls are more valued than baroque pearls. And smooth, drop-shaped Tahitians are more valuable than heavily circled baroques due to the amount wide margin of round pearls versus baroque pearls that are harvested annually.

    Tahitian pearls are graded on the A-D Grading Scale by the farmers and auctions, however the A-AAA scale n the US is used to describe the differences between the various grades. 

    Remember that pearls are created by nature and you may find that your pearls have dents, pin pricks, dimples, scoring, mottling or bulleting of the pearls' surfaces and sometimes nubbins (unusually shaped areas). 

    The trick is to find pearls that balance beauty with quality.

    See Care for the recommended care of all pearls, semi-precious gemstones, gold and silver.

    Tahitian Pearl Classic 9mm Pendant Box Chain Necklace