"Mermaid" Edison Grey Pearl Pendant Necklace
"Mermaid" Edison Grey Pearl Pendant Necklace
"Mermaid" Edison Grey Pearl Pendant Necklace

"Mermaid" Edison Grey Pearl Pendant Necklace

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The Pearl Collection:   
"Mermaid" AA+ Edison Grey Pearl Pendant Necklace

Calling all divine mermaids.  Gorgeous, large, Grey Tahitian Pearl set satellite-style on gold chain.  A simple, statement piece to be worn along or layered with your other favorite chains.

  • 12mm AA+ Grey Edison Pearl with Mermaid-style carving
  • 18" 14K gold-filled 1.5mm rolo chain with spring ring clasp and amethyst hand-faceted rondelle bead accent

    Our little Pearl of Wisdom...even mermaids deserve a little something now and then.




    About Edison Pearls

    Edison pearls are a high-quality, high-end variety of saltwater pearl known for their stunning look yet affordable prices.  The pearls are named after the great inventor, Thomas Edison, who for all his intelligence and innovation, said “There are two things which couldn’t be made at my laboratory – diamonds and pearls.” 

    Edison pearls are one of the latest in a long line of pearl innovations and the name Edison is a reminder that what can be seemingly impossible, can be done. Edison pearls were created by the Zhan siblings who come from a family with over 40 years’ experience in the pearl industry.  These pearls were first sold in 2010 and have since carved a name for itself as a high-end pearl variety.

    These Saltwater pearls are bead-nucleated, where a perfectly spherical, single bead is embedded into the oyster which helps form the perfect round shape.  The mussel is able to focus its energy on a single pearl at a time. This results in a lower yield, but the focus is on quality not quantity; and a gorgeous pearl with beautiful orient and exquisite overtones is born.

    (Refer to Jewelry Care for care recommendations)

    "Mermaid" Edison Grey Pearl Pendant Necklace